Sunday, July 8, 2012

Genetics Memory

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya pernah post tentang Genetics Memory. Ada dugaan kuat bahwa Genetics Memory inilah yang diakses oleh orang2 yang sedang melakukan past Life Regression. 

Para ilmuwan juga sedang menyelidiki apakah Genetics Memory itu adalah The Scientific Basis for Past Life Regression.

Ada beberapa fakta aneh yang tidak bisa dijelaskan secara neurologi biasa, seperti misalnya (maaf In English, lagi males translate):

Strange fact number 1: Scientists trained flat worms to curl up when exposed to light by electrocuting them every time the light was turned on. A pure Pavlovian, conditioned response. Even more unfortunate for the flat worms is their ability to regenerate themselves if cut in half . An amazing thing in itself; cut them in half and the head end grows a new tail and the tail end grows a new head. When the scientists did just that they found something bizarre;when exposed to light both versions of the worm responded according to the conditioning. How can this be? Common sense and contempory neuroscience both agree that memory is contained in the brain, so how can a newly grown brain come complete with memories?

Strange fact number 2: Take a calf born of stock that is used to cattle grids but has never seen one itself and introduce it to lines painted on a road to resemble a grid. It will not cross. How has this knowledge been communicated?

Strange fact number 3: A new -born chick is placed in a room with a hawk. It frantically tries to find cover. It meets a chicken for the very first time and is completely comfortable. People would call this instinct, and I’m sure it is –but how is instinct passed from one generation to the next? Wouldn’t it have to be stored in the DNA? And instinct is just a form of memory, so if that form of memory is stored in the DNA, then why not other forms of memory. It would explain facts 1 –3 wouldn’t it?

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